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“In the 15 years, I have been working as a realtor I have used various designers and interior decorators but that all came to a halt the moment I began working with JJ in 2012.  Our first job together was a multi-million dollar listing in Darien.  He moved the furniture around, utilized things in closets, basements, and drawers. He picked fresh flowers from outside and created vases.  He rolled towels in the bathroom.  We added some paintings and that was all that was brought in.  He created a work of art out of a very boring bachelor pad.  The home sold in 2 days.  Many, many MIRACLES later, he is the ONLY person I work with.  The changes that he makes in the delivery of my finished product is incredible and he is able to complete it by using what is around him and only bringing in minimal items when necessary.  My clients use him on the house that they sell and then on the home that they buy.  People are wowed by my listings online and it his work that helps my team get more money for our listings.  JJ has also designed theme parties for me, my sailing club. the Center of the Arts Emmy fundraiser, my office, and my exterior gardens.  He is my Midas, my mentor and makes me shine everywhere, with everything.  There is no one I can recommend more highly — just don’t use him on the same day I need him.” – Adriana Morrell


Adriana Morrell
The Higgins Group — Adriana and Company real estate services LLC

Adriana Morrell
The Higgins Group — Adriana and Company real estate services LLC

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“JJ has an uncanny way of walking into a home and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I don’t know any other stager who can transform a house from a cluttered, lived in home to photo perfect while using the client’s own things and a few accents. He does all of this while being genuine and humble which always puts my client’s at ease. When I list a house in need of help, JJ is always my first call!”

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