Common Questions

Why stage?

Home staging allows your home to shine in a competitive market. Having a home staged allows it to appeal to a very diverse pool of potential buyers. Having your home staged and then photographed allows the house to become a contender in an already saturated market. 98% of potential buyers look online a homes to determine if they want to see them in person. Outstanding pictures and a staged house are essential when listing your home.

How it starts?

Each room is assessed and evaluated. Upon a consultation, A Room Analysis Report is generated for the homeowner and agent. This report allows the homeowner to receive a list of potential updates and repairs needed prior to staging.

How does staging work?

We like to work with what you already have but present it differently. Often furniture is rearranged, personal items removed, and strategic pieces are brought in prior to the photo shoot or videography. Each room is created to appeal to all potential buyers.

Do I have to live with all of these changes?

The simple answer is no, you always can choose to change things back to the way they were before the staging process. However, it works best if your home “shows” just as it looks in the pictures. This combo has been a proven success in making potential buyers throw in offers sooner. They feel that they have a limited time before another buyer may feel the same way.